Group length Daytime
Single Groups
Consecutive Groups
Single Groups
Consecutive Groups
Up to 1½
£350 £275 each £450 £335  each
Up to 2
£385 £305  each £500 £360  each
Up to 2½
£420 £340  each £530 £430  each
Up to 3
£450 £390  each £570  

Depth interviews or a combination of depths and groups are charged at the hourly rate of £125 per hour (calculated from arrival to departure).

If you have one group in the daytime followed by one in the evening you will be charged single (not consecutive) rates.

Meeting room for concept labs, workshops and training @ £125 per hour

Minimum charge of £400.

20% additional charge for Friday + weekend viewing

Daytime rates finish at 5.00 pm
Evening rates finish at 10.30 pm

An allowance of half an hour is given before and after a group booking. Additional time can be made available by prior arrangement and will be charged at the hourly rate.

Web streaming 1 to 2.5 hours £300, over 2.5 hours and up to 4.5 hours £350, over 4.5 hours and up to 16 hours £400

Terms and conditions

Cancellation and postponement charges

  Postponement Cancellation
Same day 75% 100%
2 – 3 days 50% 75%
4 – 7 days 30% 50%

Cancellation and postponement charges relate to confirmed bookings. Provisional bookings are held subject to availability. If another client requests the same booking, the original client will have first option to confirm before the date is released.

All prices quoted are subject to VAT at the current rate

Prices effective from 1 March 2016